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PowerPoint application crashed

Status: Closed | Case Number: 0000006 | Created By: Jennifer | Created Date: 2021-01-06 22:32:27 EST

PowerPoint application crashed. I can’t open or repair.

The other office applications – excel & word are fine. Can you help to fix?

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TS-Wiki Technical Support
Posted: 2021-01-07 01:40:23 EST

Resolved via remote desktop control on User computer (TeamViewer):

1. Created another Local administrator account and login

2. Using Quick repair to repair the office

3. Restart and it works

Posted: 2021-01-07 00:18:46 EST

Turn off the firewall does not help. This is the error message I get when doing the repair: 

TS-Wiki Technical Support
Posted: 2021-01-06 23:05:25 EST

Hi Jennifer,

May I know what is the error message when you are trying to repair the application? 

Please also turn off your  firewall and try open the application again. 


TS-Wiki Support


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