Fix issue by recreating Windows User Profile

Author: Ahmad2000    Posted: 28 May 2020   Viewed: 514 times   Tag: #Windows 10 

Fix issue by recreating Windows User Profile for Windows 10

Backup data for current user profile

1. Create a "temp folder in C: drive to consolidate all the backup data

Export Chrome Bookmark and save it to Temp folder

1. Click the Chrome menu icon at the top-right corner of your browser window and then go to Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.

2. From the Bookmarks Manager, click the menu icon and then select “Export Bookmarks.”

3. Put your exported bookmarks in Temp folder and then click “Save.”

Copy other important files to Temp folder 

1. Open "This PC", go to C drive > Users > {Current Profile name}  or Open Run. Then type %USERPROFILE% and press Enter. (Note: All folder under here will be removed later)

2. Copy out the folders to the temp folder. (Note: Favorite folder is IE bookmark. OneDrive folder don`t need to copy as there are already synced ) 

Create a Local Administrator Account (If you do not have one)

1. Right click on "This PC" and select Manage

2. Computer Management > Local Users and Groups

3. Right click Users > New Users...

4. Fill in information and click Create

5. Go back to Local Users and Groups > Choose Groups

6. Right click Administrator > Choose Add to Group..

7. Click Add

8. Enter your new account name e.g admin and click check name > Click OK (Make sure From this Location is your PC name)

Remove current Windows User profile

1. Restart your computer and login with your new local admin account

2. Press Win + R hotkeys on the keyboard

3. Type the following into the text box and press Enter: SystemPropertiesAdvanced

4. Click on the Settings button

5. Advanced System Properties will open. There, click on the Settings button in the User Profiles section.

6. Select the profile of the user account and click the Delete button

7. In the User Profiles window, select the profile of the user account and click the Delete button.

8. Confirm the request, and the profile of the user account will now be deleted.

9.  Restart the computer and login with your initial account (The account which profile just been removed) again. 

10. Restore all the files from temp folder

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