Type Currency Symbols on Your Mac

Author: fan    Posted: 3 August 2020   Viewed: 106 times   Tag: #Mac OS 

€: Euro

To type the euro (€) symbol on a UK keyboard, use the Alt/Option + 2 shortcut.

To type the euro (€) symbol on a keyboard with a US layout, use Alt/Option + Shift + 2.

£: British pound sterling

Regardless of the your keyboard layout, you can type the GBP symbol using the Alt/Option + 3 keyboard shortcut.

$ and ¢: Dollars and cents

Type a dollar sign using the Shift + 4 keyboard shortcut. If you want to type the cent (¢) symbol, use Alt/Option + 4

¥: Japanese Yen and Chinese yuan/renminbi

Type the “¥” symbol, using the Option + Y keyboard shortcut.

Launch the Character Viewer window:

1. In your Mac’s menu bar, select “Edit -> Emoji & Symbols.” Alternatively, you can launch the Character Viewer using the Ctrl + Command + Space keyboard shortcut.

2. In the subsequent Character Viewer window, select “Currency Symbols.”

3. Find the symbol that you want to insert and give it a click; you should now see all of the available font variations for your chosen character.

4. Double-click the font variation that you want to use, and macOS will insert this character into your application or document.