Use BitLocker to Encrypted a USB Removable Drive

Author: Summit    Posted: 22 June 2021   Viewed: 545 times   Tag: #Windows 10 

We should always PASSWORD PROTECT and ENCRYPT USB Drive.

Encrypt a removable drive with BitLocker

1. Open File explorer, go to This PC

2. Right click on the USB drive which you will like to encrypt and choose "Turn on Bitlocker"

3. Check the "Use a password t o unlock the drive box" and enter your password; then click Next.

4. Choose the options which you want. When the encryption is done, click Close.

Unlock a removable drive that’s encrypted with BitLocker

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Click This PC. A list with your folders, devices, and drives appears.

3. Double-click the removable drive. A BitLocker prompt appears asking for the password to unlock the drive.

4. Type the password.

5. Click Unlock.

6. Double-click again on the removable drive in File Explorer to open it and see its contents.

7. Close File Explorer when you finish using the removable drive.