Setup FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL on Namecheap by using ACME.SH in cPanel

Author: ctl    Posted: 5 October 2022   Viewed: 7228 times   Tag: #Linux 

There is free way to get SSL certificate on The followings are the steps to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on

1. Open Terminal on cPanel

2. Setup in cPanel

Install using the command below:

curl | sh

Run the following command:

source ~/.bashrc

To be notified of any issues with respect to renewal among others, you would need to register your email address.

Run the code below: --register-account  --accountemail

3. Issue a Real Certificate for Your Domain

You need to get the webroot of your domain. Typically, it should be located here ~/public_html

Reason: The changed default CA to ZeroSSL on August 2021. Therefore, you need to run this: --set-default-ca --server letsencrypt --issue --webroot ~/public_html -d -d --force

4. Install the Certificate to Your cPanel Account

Run the command below to get it deployed to your cpanel account. --deploy --deploy-hook cpanel_uapi --domain --domain

PS: Check that has enabled a cronjob that does that for you automatically! Run the code below to get that going:

crontab -l | grep

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